11 Reason Why and How People Buy

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You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it within himself.

-Galileo Galilel

There are many different reasons why someone may buy your product or service. What you must appreciate is that people buy for their reasons, not for yours. One of the biggest mistakes amateur salespeople make is asking people to buy for their own personal reasons, not for the reasons that actually motivate the customer to take action.

One of the most significant parts of selling, the indispensable step upon which the whole sales process depends, is your ability to identify the needs of your prospect accurately. You must take whatever time is necessary and ask as many questions as possible to find out exactly why this particular prospect needs to buy your product or service at this time. If you fail to identify the prospect’s needs accurately, the entire sales process will grind to a halt.

Appealing to Customer Needs

Each customer has certain basic human needs that motivation him or her to take action, including buying action. You must identify the most important needs that your product or service can satisfy for each particular customer to whom you speak. You must then convince him overwhelmingly that this particular need will be fulfilled by your product or service better than by anything else available in the market at this time or at this price.

1 Money

Everyone wants to have more money. This is a basic need. “Money makes the world go around.” Whenever you can link your product or service to making or saving money for the customer, you will have his total attention.

2 Security

Each person has a fundamental need for security. Most people feel that if they had enough money, they would be completely secure. So although money is hard and cold, the need for security is warm and personal.

Security Products and Services.

Today there is a booming market for every kind of security service or device for Net servers and computers. Home security systems are a billion-dollar industry. Various forms of insurance to provide security against accidents or unexpected reversals sell in the hundreds of billions each year. Anytime you can show a customer that he or she can be safer and more secure as a result of owning your product or service, you can create buying desire.

3 Being Liked

Everyone wants to be liked by others. We need to feel accepted and respected by the people around us. We want to be admired by our friends, neighbors, and associates. Achieving these goals satisfies our deep need for belonging and self-worth.

How does your product or service increase the amount that your prospect is liked and respected by others?

4 Status and Prestige

One of the most powerful motivations for people is status or personal prestige. We want to feel and be perceived as important and valuable. We want people to look up to us and praise our possessions or accomplishments.

Emotions distort evaluations.

When you can appeal to a basic emotion, you can trigger buying desire so intense that the concern about price becomes secondary, or even irrelevant.

For example, it has been demonstrated that some men who are anxious to please a particular woman for romantic reasons lose almost all ability to make rational spending decisions. This is why they purchase expensive jewelry, perfume, gifts bouquets of flowers, and even costlier items when they are under the influence of the strong emotions of love or desire.

5 Health and Fitness

Everyone wants to live a long time and enjoy great health. Economists predict that health products such as vitamin/mineral supplements and physical fitness equipment will be the next trillion-dollar industry. We all want to be healthier and to be thin and fit. We also want to have high levels of energy. And we want these same health benefits for our families. Consequently, we are attracted to products or services that will enable us to be thinner, more energetic, and in top form. If your product or service can enhance the physical quality of life of your prospect in a cost-effective way, people who are overtired, overweight, or have aches and pains will be extremely interested in taking to you.

6 Praise and Recognition

An important need shared by one and all is to be recognized for our accomplishments. As Abraham Lincoln said, “Everybody likes a compliment.” One of the definitions of self-esteem is “the degree to which one feels praiseworthy.” As a result, whenever someone receives praise and recognition for an accomplishment, large or small, that individual feels better and happier about him-or herself.

When you can position your product or service such that a person feels that he or she will achieve greater recognition or status by using it, you can create buying desire. Since the need for praise taps into that deepest emotional need of all, self-esteem, convincing your prospect that he will get additional recognition by using your product or service weakens his price resistance considerably.

Convincing your prospect that he will get additional recognition by using your product or service weakens his price resistance considerably.

7 Power, Influence, and Popularity

There are many needs which you can demonstrate that your product or service will satisfy. People want power and influence and will buy products or services that will give them more of these things. People want to be popular and to be liked by other people. When your product or service offers to make a person more influential and popular, it arouses buying desire.

8 Leading the Field

Another of our deepest needs/desires is to be considered up-to-date. We want to be seen as current, modern. We want to be leaders and trend-setters in our work and social group.

Many people will buy your product or service simply because it is the newest product on the market. They want to be ahead of the pack. They want to be the first ones buying it and the first ones with it. In buyer segmentation, these are called “early adaptors.” They represent 5 to 10 percent of the market. They will buy the product or service for no other reason than that it is new and different.

When you tell an interested prospect, “you will be the first person in your industry with this product,” or “you will be the first person in your neighbourhood who has one of these,” you create immediate buying desire among early adaptors.

9 Love and Companionship

Today there are millions of subscribes to internet dating services that match people with similar profiles. This is because people crave companionship and good relationships. An enormous number of people join clubs and associations to meet other people, especially those of the opposite sex. One of the primary motivators of social activities is the desire for love and companionship. When you can desirables as a companion, immediate buying desire is achievable.

10 Personal Growth

One of the greatest of needs associated with the twenty-first century is for additional knowledge and skill. People want to feel competent. They want to learn new skills and be on top of their jobs. They want to get ahead more rapidly. They want to excel and move ahead of their competitors, both within their companies and in other areas of their lives.

Many products appeal to the desire for greater self-understanding and self-actualization. That’s because the needs for self-expression and personal fulfilment are profound. People want to feel that they are becoming all that they are capable of becoming. When you promote your product or service as something that can help people reach even greater heights of personal success and self-realization, you again generate a desire to purchase.

11 Personal Transformation

Perhaps the most abstract need, and the need for which people will pay the most, is the desire for personal transformation. If a prospect feels that your product or service will take him to a new, higher level in his life or work and make him a different person in some way, there can be no limit to the amount he will spend.

A personal transformation is purely emotional. Becoming more and better than you have ever been before is a common desire and an intense motivator of buying action. Whenever you can market your product or service as being capable of bringing about a permanent transformation of some kind, in work or personal life, you can usually make the sale.

This Article is taken from The Psychology of Selling

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