Creating your own Talent

CREATIVENESS contains a secret. The creative man exhibits a deep psychic tie with the inscrutable mystery of life. He performs in his work with the same naturalness as the flower grows from the soil, for he has attained to a unity in mental and spiritual relationships that make him seem part pf the thing he is doing. The consummate artist becomes one with his task, so allied with it in movement and being that it becomes almost impossible to discern where the man ends and the work beings.

The Artist Incarnate

Talent is an absolute blending of the individual with…

What is the Best Investment? (Rich Dad)

The average investor does not know the difference between investing for cash flow and investing for capital gains. Most investors invest for capital gains, hoping and praying the price of their stock or home goes up. As long as you have more cash flowing in than flowing out, your investment is a good investment.

Keep in mind that it’s not the asset class that makes a person rich or poor.

Five Different Levels of Investors

There are five types or levels of investors found in the I quadrant.

Level 1: The Zero-Financial-Intelligence Level

Sadly, in America, once the richest country…

RISK OR FREEDOM? (The Millionaire Next Door)

Why do people operate their own businesses? First, most successful business owners will tell you that they have tremendous freedom. They are their own bosses. Also, they tell us that self-employment is less risky than working for others.

A professor once asked a group of sixty MBA students who were executives of public corporations this question.

What is risk?

One student replied:

Being an entrepreneur!

His fellow students agreed. Then the professor answered his own question with a quate from an entrepreneur:

What is risk? Having one source of income. Employee are at risk… they have a single source of…

Fewer than one in five millionaire business owners turns his business over to his children to own and operate. Why? Give credit to wealthy parents. They know the odds of succeeding in business. They understand that most businesses are highly susceptible to competition, counter consumer trends, high overhead, and other uncontrollable variables.

So what do these millionaires advise their children to do? They encourage their children to become self-employed professionals, such as physicians, attorneys, engineers, architects, accountants, and dentists. As stated earlier, millionaire couples with children are five times more likely to send their children to medical school.

The affluent…

Different Types of Values, Beliefs, and Attitude.


Beliefs are the fundamental framework of a person’s actions. A belief’s is a person’s understanding of what something means. Some beliefs may be as concrete as factual evidence, like science or math but other beliefs may be more spiritual like religion or ideas based on past experiences.


A value is an emotional state that you believe is important to uphold or not uphold. Values are the behaviors associated with your belief system. They determine the things you find important in life and the standards you give yourself. …

“Not-to-do” lists are often more effective than to-do lists for upgrading performance.

The reason is simple: what you don’t do determines what you can do.

Here are nine stressful and common habits that entrepreneurs and office workers should strive to eliminate. The bullets are followed by more detailed descriptions. Focus on one or two at a time, just as you would with high-priority to-do items.

  • Do not answer calls from unrecognized phone numbers.

Feel free to surprise others, but don’t be surprised. It just results in unwanted interruption or poor negotiating positions.

  • Do not e-mail first thing in the morning…

How to Build a Brand Personality?

First, we will decide How you Define your Brand Personality?

Define with “WHO” you are__________________________

Second, what is your Personality Type__________________

Third, How your Brand look like_______________________

The №1 way is your Audience Recognizes you and Remember you.

Specify your brands as Text, Photography, Graphics, color or logo.

Define your brand Spirit of your Look

Define your brand as a Voice like Messaging, Tone, Volume

A Brand’s personality is Revealed the most through what you look like and what you sound like.

What are your Brand Values?

Your brand beliefs are the “WHY” that drives the “WHAT” of what you…

How Communication Skills Works In detail

Content Chart

  1. Writing with a Purpose
  2. Speaking with Confidence
  3. Communicating Effectively
  4. Is Anybody Listening?
  5. Making Meetings Work

Let’s start

How we Spend our Communication Time

Writing 9%

Reading 16%

Talking 30%

Listening 45%

Whether you’re writing, listening, speaking, or attending meetings, communications skills are critical to your success in the workplace. We’ll look at some of the skills that will enable your communications to be more successful. These include:

  • Understanding the purpose of a communication
  • Analyzing the audience
  • Communicating with words as well as with body language
  • Giving each communication greater impact.

Information overload

In the…

We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. -Aristotle

Going with the flow

Imagine you are skiing down one of your favorite slopes. Powdery snow flies up on both sides of you like white sand. Conditions are perfect.

You are entirely focused on skiing as well as you can. You know exactly how to move at each moment. There is no future, no past. There is only the present. You feel the snow, your skis, your body, and your consciousness united as a single entity. You are completely immersed in the experience, not…

Before we dive deep into the Ultimate Focus Strategy, you need to know what it is and what it is not as well as when it will work, and when it will not work.

It’s not a single habit that you can develop in four weeks. It also isn’t step-by-step blueprint that fills in all the blanks for you, because each situation is different. You’ll benefit the most if you listen to your gut.

Lastly, while I can’t guarantee that you’ll surely achieve your goals (only fake gurus do that), I’m pretty sure that even if you only apply just…

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