Why Emotion is Important to Branding?

Why Emotion is Important to Branding?

Hey, we’re going to follow up on Emotion (How Emotion Work)

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The Importance of Sharing

The Power of (Awe)

The Science of Physiological Arousal

Focus on Feelings

Exercise makes people Share

Let go…!!!

The Importance of Sharing

Why does some content make the most viewed list while other Content does not? For something to go viral, lots of people have to pass along the same piece of content at around the same time.

Let’s make our blog famous share this content with your friends and family. To make the most viewed list, a large number of people had to make the same decision you did.

Is this just random? Or might some consistent patterns be an underlying viral success?

Note: There are some agencies on the Internet. They can viral your blog. Audio, video, etc. If you want on this blog comment below.

The Power of (Awe)

is a complex emotion and frequently involves a Sense of Surprise, Unexpectedness, or mystery.

If it were true that people share positive Content and avoid. Sharing negative content, then anger and anxiety should be like sadness, reduce sharing.

The Science of Physiological Arousal

What is physiological arousal? Arousal is a state of activation and readiness for action. The heart beats faster and blood pressure rises.

Evolutionarily, it comes from our ancestors’ reptilian brains, physiological arousal motivates a fight-or-flight response that helps organisms catch food or free from Predators.

Anger and Anxiety lead people to share because, like awe, they are high-arousal emotions. They kindle the fire, activate people, and drive them to take action like (Motivation)

Focus on Feelings

The “Three Whys” to find the emotional core of an idea. Write down why you think people are doing something.

Then ask “why is this Important?” three times. Each time you do this, note your answer, and you’ll notice that you drill down further and further toward uncovering not only the core of an idea but the emotion behind it.

Take an online search. Why is search important? Because people want to find information quickly.

Why do they want to do that? So, they can get answers to what to do that? So, they can get answers to what those answer?

So, they can connect with people, achieve their goals, and fulfill them. Their dreams Now that’s starting to get more emotional.

Exercise makes people Share

Whether it’s a digital product, like Google, or a physical product, like Sneakers, you should make something that will move people.

People don’t want to feel like they’re being told something — they want to be entertained they want to be moved.

Guidance’s by Contagious

Thanks to Jonah Bergeh “Author of Contagious”

Written by Arshad. A

Arshad Ansari is a Youtuber. Blogger and Copywriter. He like to Read Book and acquire new skills. He is a Free basic Consultant . Insta @mr_arshad_ansari_

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Arshad Ansari is a Youtuber. Blogger and Copywriter. He like to Read Book and acquire new skills. He is a Free basic Consultant . Insta @mr_arshad_ansari_

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